Saturday, January 9, 2010

Little Round Mirrors

I've spent thousands of dollars on physical media that I never get to watch.

I have them alphabetized by title, with numbered titles coming before A, of course. About once a year, I might watch three or four of these, or use a few to illustrate a point in a class I'm teaching.

Like most people who buy movies on DVD, I let mine sit on a shelf and rarely watch them.

So, if I never watch them, why own them? Why did I bother buying them in the first place? What does it say about me, having this overriding desire to own a copy of a film that reached me somehow, but never watch the film again?

To get even a hint of the same effect a film had on me when first viewed, I need to devote anywhere from 72 minutes to 4+ hours per film.

What employed person has that kind of time, especially when you own more than 500 movies on DVD? I'm not even counting seasons of television or concert DVDs.

This year I decided to try to watch all of my narrative films, from 3:10 to Yuma to Zodiac. Concert DVDs and seasons of TV do not count, and neither do rentals. This is an attempt to watch all of my movie collection in order.

Why bother? Maybe this will justify the existence of this collection, or maybe I'll just feel even more insecure than I do when people come over and see hundreds of DVDs and think I'm crazy.

Then again, maybe I'll feel pretty good in the end.

This blog will attempt to chronicle how that goes.

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  1. I would imagine you hold this collection for the very same reason I hold onto my 3-4 hundred cd's. Have you ever been in one of those moments where you remember a scene in a movie which you have sitting within your collection, and gathered it solely to watch that particular film again? No? Well damn, that didn't work.

    Well back in the day before all of this media was at our finger tips, we had reason to collect it. To enjoy and share with social accomplices at our convenience. We don't have to do this anymore, but it is sometimes a habit biting us in the ass when we walk into Best Buy.


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